Finnish Know-how within the Renaissance Group

2016  Certification of RALA in Finland 25.11.2016

2015  First single contract awarded to Heitkamp Construction Suomi Oy   date on 22.06.2015 Prysmian in Kirkkonummi near Helsinki

2015  Member of Tilaajavastuu

2014  Founding of Heitkamp Construction Suomi OY 24.10.2014

2014  Take-over by Renaissance Group

2005  Consolidation of civil engineering competencies in “Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH“ (engineering and power   plant  construction).

1995  Heitkamp is awarded its biggest single contract for all of the  structural work including two natural draught cooling towers at   the new construction site of the Lippendorf power plant.

1964  Construction of the first natural draught cooling tower for the Preussag AG at the power plant in Ibbenbüren.

1950-60  Entry into special mining engineering, power plant and tunnel   construction.

1892   Founding of the civil engineering company “Tiefbaufirma E.  Heitkamp“ by Engelbert Scharpwinkel named Heitkamp

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