Quality policy

  • Cooperation with our clients is intended to be based on partnership and trust and to be for the long-term.
  • Our solutions are precisely tailored to clients’ needs. Economic efficiency for all sides and supply of assured quality are foundations of our clients’ satisfaction as well as for our success.
  • Inclusion of our suppliers’ and subcontractors’ productivity is an essential part of our service for the client. They are fixed points in our value chain and in respects to quality assurance are under our sponsorship and control.
  • We can only achieve our targets for high quality with the help of a motivated and qualified team of employees. We demand and encourage responsible, independent and professional action and emphasize continuous and individual development of each of our employees.
  • All employees of the company are requested to contribute to the continuous improvement process with their own initiative and team work for the benefit of our clients, partners and company. For this purpose we have a form for “Improvement and innovation” available.