Company profile

Our company boasts a successful tradition dating back to 1892. Heitkamprepresents the perfect balance between engineering expertise and structural implementation. We construct power stations and cooling towers, carry out structural engineering, build industrial plants and engineering structures and carry out infrastructure construction, tunnel construction and railway engineering, to name but a few examples. In addition to new developments, we also bring our dependable services and quality to renovations and modernisations of existing buildings, power stations, industrial plants and engineering structures. Heitkamp Construction GmbH and its employees can be relied upon to deliver this comprehensive service package with the highest level of quality awareness. Our many years of experience in planning and executing complex construction projects and the ongoing further development of our level of technology create the perfect conditions for a smooth yet superior performance in construction.

Our high standards and our company objectives set the benchmark for the quality of our services.

Our process-oriented management system complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the KTA 1401 standard, as well as the safety, health and environmental requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

The system is therefore shaped by the guiding principles described below and these apply with equal force.

Our solutions are customised exactly to the requirements of the client. Achieving efficiency for both parties and fulfilling the guaranteed properties form the basis for the satisfaction of our clients and for our success.

Bringing the performance of our suppliers and subcontractors on board is an essential part of our service to our clients. They form an integral part of our value chain and receive our support and guidance to guarantee the quality.

The guidelines on occupational health and safety apply at all levels of our organisation and must be supported and implemented by our staff. The same applies to our suppliers and subcontractors. In working together with our partners, our aim is to ensure an incident-free construction site.

The way that we exercise environmental protection is constantly adapted to new developments and requirements, so that we can continue to make improvements.

All of our services, in particular the eco-friendly purchases and the material used on our construction sites, are regularly reviewed and evaluated internally.