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Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rönesans A.S., a holding company of the Renaissance Group, and looks back on more than 120 years of building tradition.

Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau represents the perfect balance between engineering expertise and the structural construction in building projects.

Heitkamp’s portfolio includes power plants, cooling towers, industrial structures, and engineering constructions such as sluices and bridges. We deliver services and quality not only in new developments but also in renovations and modernisations of existing power plants, industrial plants and engineering structures. Our fusion of expertise and innovation clearly speaks for itself given our leading position in the relevant market. Our clients place their trust in our capacity to deliver quality and professionally-executed services of the highest calibre.

Our solutions are tailor-made and customised exactly to the requirements of the client. Client satisfaction and success rest on our skills in supplying cost-effective solutions and providing constructions on schedule and to the highest degree of quality.

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